Ugandan former spy accuses Museveni of working against peace in South Sudan


The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is encouraging South Sudanese President Salva Kiir not to accept any peace agreement that would allow rebel leader Riek Machar to return as his deputy, a former Ugandan intelligent operative said. The former intelligent agent also accused Museveni of being ‘Kiir’s IGAD paid agent.”


In a statement to the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), the former spy for Uganda’s External Security Organization (ESO) James Moises said the Ugandan leader recently told Kiir not to accept any peace deal with South Sudan’s rebel chief, unless such a pact favors Kiir’s position on peace.

“IGAD is wasting time talking about bringing peace to South Sudan while my leader [Museveni] is advising Kiir not to accept any peace arrangement with Riek Machar. If the region wants peace to prevail in South Sudan, it must remove itself from the process and allow the African Union and the international community to take over,” James said in the text, adding, “Museveni is a Kiir’s IGAD paid agent.”

“I have overwhelming evidence which shows Museveni is busy formulating techniques to prolong the suffering of the people of the young nation. He sent a three-member team to Juba last Tuesday and this team met with Kiir privately,” he added.

James also blasted Museveni, saying the Ugandan President is a cold-blooded dictator who wants Kiir to fill his shoes.

“Yoweri is a very dangerous person. He is a killer who killed so many Ugandans. He definitely wants Kiir to act like him so that he can continue benefiting from South Sudanese blood,” James further explained.

In July 2013, James wrote an article which exposed Museveni’s secret plan to fight alongside Kiir against Riek Machar. In his piece, he said Ugandan troops were already stationed in carefully-chosen areas ready to intervene if Kiir wants.

James wrote the article four and half months before the civil war broke out in Juba. His piece caused panic in South Sudan and around the world.

The former spy admitted to the South Sudan News Agency that he is using an alias to hide his real name for fear of reprisal. However, he states that Museveni will never find him because of his past intelligence skills.

Source: SSNA

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