Rapper Hot Dogg – my girlfriend doesn’t wash dishes when she visits


Rapper Hot Dogg who’s currently in United States of America for music tour says he has a lazy girlfriend who could not wash dishes neither his clothes whenever she comes to visit him.

“There is this chick I have been dating for the past six months now. I love her and I am considering marrying her. Problem is she is filthy. When she visits, she doesn’t touch a thing. If the bed is not made, she just pushes things around and crawls in”, said Hot Dogg.

The Tuk de ming singer said her girlfriend cannot even cook and this raises doubt whether if she knows how to  cook or not. He said she cannot even make the bed after waking up in the morning or after making love.

“She doesn’t cook (she prefers we eat out or come with chipo to the house), clean utensils or wash clothes. In the morning, she won’t even bother to make the bed. Do you think she will change if I marry her and start behaving like my mum?, asked Hot Dogg.

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