K Denk dumped like a toilet tissue by his white ex-girlfriend


Have you ever wondered why K Denk never posted a photo with her white girlfriend? Well, South Sudanese like boasting when they start a new relationships but go mute when things fall apart. What happened to K Denk and his ex wife or ex girlfriend? Ok, Find it out below!K Denk dumped by a white girlfriend

Rapper K Denk who is currently living in Uganda was dumped by his white ex girlfriend months ago. The two where living together in Nairobi before breaking up. However, news reached us that the two are not staying together anymore.

According to a reliable source, K-Denk was cheating on his ex with local South Sudanese girls.

“K-Denk plays a lot, he was dumped because he’s a player. As you know white people don’t like lies”, said the source.

The British soldier was in a serious relationship but K-Denk thought she was like South Sudanese girls that he used to play. Now the ting goes skraaaaaa!!! According to the source, K-Denk was caught making love with another simple Junubia in the same house where both live.

“He was caught having sex with another girl by the white girl in her own house where she welcomed K-Denk to live with her… K-Denk tried to beg for forgiveness but the white girl couldn’t forgive him and kick his ass out of his house instead”, said the source on messenger conversation.

With our own analysis we have now understood that the Wangdunkon boss relocated to Uganda due to this incident that happened between him and his ex.


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