First Lady Queen Zee – I haven’t had sex since 2016

The most celebrated South Sudanese female singer Zahra Angelo popularly known as South Sudan First Lady Queen Zee has been celibate since 2016. First Lady queen zee

In conversation with our editor in Juba, Queen Zee  revealed that she has never gotten intimate with anybody since she was released from prison after spending 18 months.

“Honestly, since I was released from prison in 2016, I had never had sex with anybody  and I am proud for that. You know it’s not easy for a feminine to spend even three months without having sex, it’s so hard my dear, said the self-proclaimed South Sudan First Lady.

Queen went on to state that she would never date any guy sooner because she has a lot things to take care of instead of wasting her time in relationships.

“I have a lot of responsibilities right now so I am not ready for any relationship. When the right time comes for me to fall in love then I will chose the right guy who will not only be my boyfriend but a guy who will be ready to settle with me and takes me as a wife in future, she added.

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